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Gondola Garant s.r.o. provides complete real estate services. We arrange the sale, rental and purchase of real estate. The entire bid and offer process, arranging of legal services, financing etc. takes the form of strategic management that is performed by a team of specialists. Thanks to our business experience, we are able to act in a qualified manner, satisfy the conditions of the other party, and thus ensure your comfort as well as that of your client.

Why use the services of our real estate centre?
  • we know what documents will be necessary and we know where and how to obtain them
  • we know the market price of your property and will arrange for you the most favourable sale/lease/purchase
  • we will devote 100% of our time and effort to you and your property
  • we will arrange all legal services in the form of the proper contracts, notary deposits, etc.
  • we will arrange favourable financing for you with our contractual partners
  • we eliminate the possibility of any eventual financial losses such as bad payers, etc.
  • our team of experts will be prepared to answer all of your questions
  • and what's more, an extensive advertising campaign ensures much faster sale; we advertise via the most-visited internet servers, magazines, etc.
How shall we represent you?
  • there are several forms of representation, but let's concentrate on the most frequent: Exclusive and Open
  • EXCLUSIVE listing is understood to be cooperation between the client and our real estate agency where the client gives his property offer only and solely to us. He thus gains a much better chance of fast property sale/rental, and also the certainty that his property won't be advertised by many real estate companies for various prices, which makes it appear unsellable.
  • OPEN listing is understood to be cooperation where the client can use the services of multiple real estate agencies. We would however not recommend this for to you, as your property thus loses value, primarily due to the fact that clients get the impression that a property being advertised by several real estate companies is hard to sell, and eventual interested parties thus lose interest.
What will I need in order to sell/rent?
  • proof of ownership (purchase agreement, inheritance decree, donation contract, etc.)
  • a current land registry statement, copy of the cadastral map
  • expert assessment (by agreement)
  • technical structural documentation (floor plans, cross-sections, etc.)
Our services
  • our agents' professional approach
  • advice regarding the real estate market
  • presentation of the offer on websites and in classified ads
  • legal services
  • notary services
  • arranging of financing
  • sale/rental of your property
  • entry into the land registry
  • and others

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