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  • A ready-made company has been incorporated in the Commercial Register; it already exists, and there is no need to wait for decisions to be issued by the relevant authorities.
  • The company's share capital has been fully paid, and the new owner of the already established company does not have to pay CZK 200,000 in cash for the share capital. The condition to pay the share capital was fulfilled upon the incorporation of the company. At the time the company is transferred, this issue can be dealt with through a setoff of receivables.
  • The company is ready to start conducting business immediately after new trade licenses are registered with the Trade Licensing Office; an exception is business conducted based on a concession permit.
  • The company has already existed for some time and is incorporated in the Commercial Register.
  • The company has no business history; it has not conducted any business activities, and it has no debts or unpaid liabilities.
  • Business can be conducted through the company as early as 24 hours after expressing interest in buying it – the relevant membership interest or shares can be sold and changes in governing bodies (executives, board of directors) can be made within 24 hours or several days. When the company is purchased, all other necessary changes are made, such as a change of the commercial name of the company, expansion of the subject of trading, registration of new trade licenses, change of registered office, and the like.
  • The change of members takes legal effect immediately upon the transfer of the relevant membership interests or sale of shares; the same applies to the change of executives, which comes into effect upon the delivery of the applicable decision.


Step 1.
A general agreement defining the conditions for buying the company is signed. The agreement specifies what company is purchased, for what price, and how the company is to be adapted to meet your specific needs. If applicable, powers of attorney are signed to authorize us to act on your behalf in accordance with the provisions of the agreement defining the conditions for buying the company.

Step 2.
The following decisions are made (by the general meeting) with regard to the purchased company:
  • Division of membership interest(s) for the purpose of its(their) transfer;
  • Dismissal of existing executive(s);
  • Change of registered office;
  • Change of subject of trading.
  • (These decisions are made under a notarial deed.)
  • At the same time, an agreement on transfer of membership interest(s) in the company is signed.

(Note: A newly appointed executive can begin acting on behalf of the company immediately after the applicable decision is made by the general meeting, where the original executive is no longer authorized to represent the company and bind it in any way whatsoever.

Step 3.
The following activities are carried out:
  • Obtaining trade licenses;
  • Securing the necessary documents for registering changes in the Commercial Register;
  • Making an application for registering all the relevant changes in the Commercial Register;
  • Reporting the changes to the Financial Office.

Step 4.
The court administering the Commercial Register processes the application and issues an updated certificate of incorporation showing all the changes made as part of Step 2.


"Ready-made company""Customized company"
General corporate documentsReadyClient must secure or take part in securing such documents
Share capitalPaidClient must secure payment
IncorporationIncorporatedClient must wait for court decision
Registration for corporate income taxRegistered – it is only necessary to report changesClient must register
Business can be conducted (estimate)Within 24 hours after personal contactAfter 3 - 4 weeks

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