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  • A consultant must be responsible, impeccable and honest. He has to use its professional skills and judgement always as efficiently as possible in favour of justified interests of contractual parties he is committed to, without preferring his own private interests.
  • The consultant must take all reasonable steps to develop further his professional skills and competencies, to keep up with the current state-of-the art of thinking and development reached in the field of his profession.
  • The consultant must always act in such a way to observe dignity and goodwill of his profession.


  • The consultant has to refrain from tasks, which could give rise to a conflict of interests (unless a statement in writing on the possible conflict is announced in advance to all concerned parties and they agree with the fact).
  • The consultant may not knowingly take a job in the fields for which he has not had sufficient professional qualification and/or competencies.
  • The consultant must keep as strictly confidential all pieces of information gained during his professional job, unless publication of such information is approved by the client or required by the law.
  • The consultant has to refrain from any misusing of information gained during his job for his own advantage or for advantage of a third party.
  • The consultant may not misuse his advantage of missing knowledge or experience of his client.
  • The consultant must provide clients and customers with fully professional, impartial, relevant and timely advice, as well as with any possible objections, doubts, exceptions and warning comments.


  • The consultant has to take care neither to publish nor to make by any other way public any unsubstantiated or exaggerated critics, which could injure or endanger good reputation of other participants of the professional job.
  • The consultant may not deliberately put a fellow-consultant into situations making him unwillingly to breach any part of this Ethic code.